Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my code on a DSC 1616 Alarm?

At the keypad, enter: *5 + (current master code) + (user number) + [Enter the new master code] + ##

  -  User: 40 = Master Code

  -  User: 01 - 32 = Standard User Codes

I have a trouble light on my DSC keypad, what does that mean?

From any keypad, enter: *2 (a zone number should light up)  

  1. Service Required (could be a low battery, Siren Failure, Etc.)
  2. Loss of AC Power to the System
  3. Telephone Line Failure to the System
  4. Failure to Communicate to the Monitoring Center
  5. Wireless Sensor Fault
  6. Wireless Sensor Tamper
  7. Wireless Sensor Low Battery
  8. Loss of Time & Date (To fix, enter: *6 - (master code) - 1 - (enter Time & date) 

  • Time & Date Format HH:MM MM/DD/YY

How do I change my code on a Honeywell Vista Alarm?

At the keypad, enter: (Current master code) + 8 + (User number) + [enter the new code]. 

  -  User: 02 = Master Code

  -  User: 04 - 32 = Standard User Codes

You should hear a beep once confirming the change. To test enter the new code then press 1, if you hear a beep, it worked.

How do I test my system?

We recommend testing your system monthly. To test your system, just call the Monitoring Center at (844) 425-5787 and give them your account number or address to look up your account, then give them your password and ask for your system to be placed on test for 1 hour. Then you can arm your system, and trip/open a zone or two (or all of them) wait for approximately 30 seconds after tripping the zone, then go ahead and disarm your system and call the monitoring center back and ask if they received the alarm signal. if yes, you can ask them to take your system off test.

User Manuals

DSC Alexor User Manual (pdf)


DSC 1616/1832/1864 User Manual (pdf)


Honeywell Vista 10/20 User Manual (pdf)


DSC NEO User Manual (pdf)


2Gig GC2 User Manual (pdf)


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